Water’s Benefits

Water is one of things that most people take for granted, buts its also one of the most important things we need to survive. Your body is approximately 50-60% water as an adult, and it is vital for all major metabolic activity. Every cell in your body relies on water to absorb nutrients and expel wastes through osmosis. Water helps to carry oxygen in your blood to benefit all your organs including your muscles and brain. It is an amazing thing and adds great benefit to your health when you remain hydrated properly, it can even help you loose weight! But how much to drink? There is a constant debate going back and forth; we always hear about the 8 glasses a day, but others say only drink when your thirsty, and drinking too much can be fatal! There are also a lot of hydration sports drinks out there boasting electrolytes and other nutrients but when is it actually necessary to drink this? I will be adding to this blog various bits of interesting information on water from studies and other health sites, please add your own if you have some! We could all benefit from being a little wiser about our health and hydration.

In any case, here’s an amazing mini documentary from Phillip Bloom on people who drink salt water!
The Sea Water Drinkers (Philip Bloom)