Hydration Myths




In a previous blog, I mentioned the confusing amount of information and advice that is out there. This time I want to delve into some of the myths about hydration that is circulating.

One of the first big ones is the 8 glasses a day recommendation. It’s true that you do need to drink everyday in order to stay hydrated, but how much really depends on your individual circumstances. They vary day to day, with the weather, with what your eating and what activities your engaged in. If its a hot day, your doing exercise, you will have to drink more than on a cold day spent inside. If you don’t sweat much, then you don’t need to hydrate as much, but if your sweating a lot, you’ll need to replenish your fluids. It may seem rather obvious, but thirst is a good indicator of when to drink and how much. You also get plenty of water from the foods you eat. Fruit and veggies are good ways to get water into your system, as well as essential vitamins. Win-win.


Another myth is that your pee must be clear to be hydrated. Well, yes it does mean you are hydrated, but its actually a bit excessive. Your body is simply getting rid of the water it doesn’t need. What you want to aim for is a clear yellow colour. If it is dark, then you are dehydrated, and you’ll need to drink up. I don’t think its healthy to be obsessed with the colour of your pee in order to stay hydrated, but it could be a simple indicator for you, or reminder if you do need to drink some more.


Another one is that pure water is best when your dehydrated. Not always the case. When you sweat, you loose electrolytes and salts and this needs to be replaced in order for your body to be running at its best. Sports drinks are good for this, as well as fruit juices. In saying this though, sports drinks are not good if your not being physically active. It’s designed for those that are exercising; using energy and losing salts.  If your having a chill day and just want to drink something, water will be your best choice. 


For an extensive list, go here. 

What myths have you heard? What advice have you got to keep hydrated?


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