Water and Weight Loss



I’ve been reading a lot on how drinking water can help you loose weight and thought I’d share the most interesting points here. I’ve mentioned in a previous blog how water is part of almost every function in your body, and this is an important point when thinking about loosing weight. Your body burns a number of calories just to stay alive. It’s called your basal metabolism. Its the amount of energy needed by your body to keep everything running. Now when your hydrated, your body is running at its optimum levels, burning calories and keeping everything going smooth, but when you get dehydrated, this drops and so does the amount of calories you burn. Toxins are also left over when you burn calories and without water, these toxins cannot be properly removed from your body. Dehydration also causes a reduction in blood volume which can mean less oxygen is carried to your muscles. Finally it affects your physical performance during exercise. Without being properly hydrated, you can feel tired and sluggish and thus miss out on getting a good workout. Your strength and endurance can drop if you fail to drink enough. Your muscles need water to keep themselves running smoothly and your joints will also benefit from being hydrated and lubricated. So if your looking to loose some weight, drinking plenty of water alongside a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise can help you along your way. Having the determination to loose that weight is the most important thing though! 


Exercise and Water (Proper Hydration)

Back in highschool I used to do weight-lifting. As in the olympic event you see on television where big guys and gals are pulling great barbells of weight off the ground and over thier heads. I was pretty good at it, but always found it hard to put on weight, and could never really progress in the sport. In any case, one thing that my coach always used to push me to do was to come to training well hydrated. Drink plenty before, during and after. He told me to weigh myself before and after exercise to calculate how much I need to drink while training. He told me to drink at least 2 cups of water a good hour or so before exercising. I always noticed that when I was properly hydrated, I always felt more energetic and stronger.

While your body is working hard, you are losing water to sweating and breathing and soon enough you begin to feel thirsty. You need to sweat to keep your body cool and you need to breathe to get enough oxygen. But you loose water to both.  Loosing too much water can dehydrate you (even a loss of 2 percent water is considered dehydration) and affect your performance negatively. Drinking a small bit of water every 15mins or so during a workout is a good way to keep your fluids up. Additionally, if you are exercising for a good hour or so, you will properly need to replace lost electrolytes (salts). A sports drink is okay, but fruit juice is just as good. 

Keep hydrated during exercise and you keep your body performing at its best.