Flying and Dehydration


Plenty of us go on holidays whenever we can afford the time and expenses, and flying is the best way to get around. Most of us would have noticed ourselves getting a little dry mouthed and thirsty while inside the air cabin, and I usually need to ask for an extra orange juice or two to keep me feeling good. The reason for this is that the cabin is low in humidity and so can cause mild signs of dehydration in most passengers. 

Cabin air humidty often range from 10-20% but can get lower. To give you an idea of how dry that is, the Sahara desert is usually around 25%, and the average humidity in a house ranges from 30-50%. Its not a drastic situation, but it is important to be aware of the effects this could have on your body. Symptoms can range from dry mouths, dry skin and eyes to fatigue and elevated stress levels. 

Another fact is that our defenses against diseases are comprised because of the dry air. Our normally moist throats and nasal passages can trap bacteria. Also, the air is recycled and is being shared by a hundred other people for however long the flight is. 

A simple solution to this is to pick up a bottle of water after going through the security screening (security will confiscate bottles of liquid). It might be a good idea to have some moisturiser on you as well for your skin (within the limits allowed through security). Drink plenty during the flight, and when you arrive at your destination. Also remember to walk around every once in a while, just to get the blood circulating. On most flights Ill get up and stretch a bit, my legs get so sore after a while! 

So remember next time you take a plane, drink a little extra water while your on board and keep yourself hydrated!

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Drinking Salt Water!?

I recently came across a video documentary from Phillip Bloom, a filmmaker I like and admire. It’s about people who drink salt water from the sea in Durban in South Africa. It wasn’t something you expect to come across everyday! A fantastic little documentary, and worth a watch! But it got me thinking about salt water, and whether it has any benefits at all. 

I did come across a number of articles about salt water and how it actually has benefits to the body when drunk (in moderation ofcourse). It all relates back to the idea that your body not only needs water, but electrolytes and other minerals, such as salt, to keep running at optimum levels. We loose salt through normal urination, and sometimes what we eat may not be enough to replace the lost salts. If you suffer from dizziness and chronic fatigue, drinking water with a little salt may help (I advise you to do your own research before taking on any advice I place here, I’m just commenting on the info that’s out there). Another benefit that’s often mentioned is cleaning your colon. If you drink salt water first thing in the morning, apparently it flushes out your system (by causing multiple bowl movements) and can help with a number of bowel related problems. For more detail, go to this blog here.  And for a more detailed description of the benefits of salt water, try here. Its important to note though, that all articles don’t recommend it for everybody, and that high quality salts should be used, not regular table salt. 

Oh, and here’s the documentary about the Sea Water Drinkers in South Africa. Enjoy! 

Why drink water in the morning?

When I was in highschool, I remember a random piece of advice my science teacher gave me for my health. I don’t know why I remember it, but it still sticks with me and it rings true. He said,

‘Drinking water the first thing in the morning is the best thing for you. I drink water in the morning, hate the stuff, its disgusting, but I drink it.’  

I think the fact that he was so blunt about hating water in the morning was what made it memorable. But its true, I came across this article that gives a couple of good bits of info on why to drink water in the morning.

Firstly, it rehydrates your body. We loose a lot of water when we sleep from sweating and breathing and its important to top that up when we first wake. It also allows more oxygen to be carried in your blood and so keeps you energized and alert. 

Second, it aids in weight loss. I’ve already mentioned this, but more specifically it boosts your metabolism. It increases the rate at which you burn calories. In addition, it could curb your appetite or replace an unhealthy morning drink choice. 

Lastly, it can help prevent sicknesses. It maintains a healthy lymphatic system which in turn helps to fight off infections. Dehydration can contribute to higher levels of stress and sickness. 

So these are just a couple points on why drinking water first thing in the morning is a good choice. It’s easy too, just one glass can get you on your way to having a great day. Make it a habit! Your body will love you for it. 

Oh, and here’s a link to a blog that shows you how to naturally flavour water! Its actually really creative and interesting, I might give it a try!