How much to drink!?

The more I look into this, the more I see a lot of differing views on staying hydrated! It seems like such a simple thing, but there is a lot going on. Bottled water vs. tap water, the 8-cups-a-day recommendation, the pale-yellow-urine recommendation, the follow-your-thirst recommendation, what to do? Can you really trust your thirst to tell you when to drink? Maybe not? Why can’t things be simple? Then, to make things more complicated, there is a condition called hyponatremia which is when you have too much water in your system and your blood salt content drops to a dangerous levels. Most us however, don’t have to worry about that though, unless your a marathon runner. I also found an interesting blog that claimed manufacturers were behind a lot of the recommendations to drink 8 cups a day, rather than being based on solid science. 


Too little water = bad

Too much water = bad

What have you heard?